Indonesia Now Has 1 New Province and 4 New Districts

Gamawan Fauzi (left), Marzuki Alie, Agun Gunanjar and Amir Syamsuddin after the plenary session to decide the Bill on the Establishment of a New Autonomous Region

Indonesia now has five new regions of the province and the four counties. The five new areas are set out in the Bill (the Bill) On the formation of a new autonomous region that has passed the House and the government to become law.

In the new law was passed there were five new autonomous province of the North Borneo, Pangandaran in West Java district, West Coast district in Lampung, South Manokwari in West Papua, and the mountains of Arfak district in West Papua.

“Thus, the number of autonomous regions in Indonesia today to 529 autonomous areas of 34 provinces and 402 districts,” said Minister of Justice and Human Rights (Menkumham) Amir Syamsudin in his speech before members of the House of Representatives in Parliament plenary session at the Parliament Complex Senayan , Jakarta, Thursday (25/10).

On the other hand, Interior Minister Gamawan Fauzi said the discussion of regional expansion has been delayed four years. Now, the Government and the Parliament felt these areas can already be removed. “Then we try to be selective. Of 19 (the area requested expansion) that we can receive five (area to split), “he said when met after the meeting Gamawan Session of Parliament, at the Parliament building, Senayan, Jakarta, Thursday (25/10).

Government and Parliament, said Gamawan, create a joint team to look at conditions on the ground. Government and Parliament held sessions during the three-week study, the study of administrative and financial studies.

According to Gamawan, with the new expansion areas were expected to support the work of the bureaucracy in the expanded areas to improve the welfare of local communities. “North Borneo, for example, has gas, oil and mining companies,” he said.

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