The Origin of Indonesians : Where Did These People Come From?

Many people say, the origin of the ancestors of Indonesia came from Indochina. Indonesian people are from particular location. And the location is not from this country. Some trusted books and Scripture tells us that the origin of human comes from a place called the Garden of Eden which is estimated to be about Iraq and its location between two rivers: the Tigris River and Euphrate. The place which according to the Scripture is the place where Prophet Adam descended to earth from heaven.

There are other alternatives related to the creation of human origin, the theory of evolution. This theory states that human origin comes from the existence of a lower level, the animal, the ape. There a lot of various arguments to support this theory. But for the people who hold on Scripture, like Bible, Qur’an, etc, of course, this theory is hard to accept.

Humans are not descended from apes, human beings are descended from earlier, Adam. Prophet Adam is human ancestors. And also the ancestor of all the tribes. According to Islamic Scripture, the Qur’an, a descendant of the Prophet Adam after Adam’s death began to be on the destruction of generations. Where they have started a mess in moral character and they worshiping statues and idols as their Lord.

Finally, God sent Noah from among them to call to goodness, the call to worshiping the Almighty God, the only one. But the people keep rebeling. There are only 80 people of faith, including his three sons, Sam, Ham, and Yafith. When that happens God’s punishment of a flash flood that drowned the whole earth and destroy the human race who do not follow the invitation of Noah to the Oneness of God. Only a handful of people who followed the invitation of Noah who survived. After those major flood began to subside, the survivors begin to live in the one area and set up a village. The third son of Noah: Sam, Ham, and Yafith, also their partners, split up to wander all over the world to continue the descent. According to Islamic history, Sam reduced the peoples of Asia, Ham reduced the nations of Africa, while Yafith reduged the European nations. So it is clear that the origins of the human race according to Islam, is derived from the three sons of Noah who was none other than the descendants of Adam, which is the human race.

So did the ancestors of Indonesia, who come from other nations. Of all the versions, most of people are in the same opinion if the ancestor of today’s Indonesia is a nation of immigrants inhabit the archipelago. Archeology and genetics research provides strong evidence if the ancestors of Indonesia migrated from Asia to southern Asia region. Indonesia may be a lot of communities who don’t aware that if the difference in skin color, ethnicity, or language do not hide the fact of a people who have the same family, the Austronesian family

The theory of the origin of the early Indonesian nation put forward by the ancient historian and archaeologist, from Austria, the Robern Barron von Heine Geldern, or better known as von Geldern Heine (1885-1968). It can be concluded that in the past there has been a shift in waves from North Asia to South Asia. They then lived in the form of islands stretching from Madagascar to Easter Island (Chile), Taiwan, and New Zealand called culturally Austronesian.

Von Geldern Heine theory of Austronesian culture inspired the idea of ​​family culture of Yunnan (China) that went into southern Asia to Australia. One of them is also the underlying idea originated in an ancestor of the Indonesian nation of Yunan. This theory is still less accurate because it is based only on evidence of physical similarities such as finding objects of archaeological or megalithic culture. This theory is also very easy debated after the discovery of historical records in Borneo (Kalimantan), Northern Sulawesi, and Sumatra, conflicting with the theory Out of Yunan. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of basic education in Indonesia is still maintaining the principle Out of Yunan.

Migration path based approach Out of Taiwan contrary to the approach to Out of Yunan. The ‘Out of Yunan’ describes the migration of Austronesian originated from the north to the Malay peninsula later spread to eastern Indonesia. The ‘Out of Yunan’ can be attenuated after traced by linguistic approach and reinforced by genetic evidence.

Based on the approaching Out of Taiwan, the migration of the ancestors of Taiwan (Formosa) first arrived in the northern Philippines about 4500 to 3000 BC. Migration allegedly done to separate themselves seeking new territory in the South. As a result of this migration, then establish a new culture including the establishment of branches of a language called Proto-Malayo-Polynesian (PMP). The theory of the early migration of Austronesian peoples are from Formosa is presented by David A. Tanudirjo by linguist Robert Blust that explaining the pattern of spread of the Austronesian peoples.

Later, in 3500 to 2000 BC there was a migration of people who originally inhabited the Philippines with the destination of Kalimantan, Sulawesi and North Maluku. Migration is ended in North Maluku, then continued their migration around the year 3000 to 2000 BC to the South and East. Migration in the South towards Nusa Tenggara, while in the East towards the coast of West Papua. From West Papua then they migrating to the Oceania region the reaching the Bismarck Archipelago (Melanesia) around 1500 BC.

In the 3000 to 2000 BC, the migration is also did ​​to the West by those who previously inhabited the Kalimantan and Sulawesi to Java and Sumatra. Furthermore, the move was continued to the Malay peninsula to the entire region in Southeast Asia. The migration process over and over and spend the thousands of years not only establish a new cultural diversity, but also the pattern of the narrative (language). That’s not surprisingly if the kingdom of Majapahit and Srivijaya in Indonesia once claimed that the archipelago was part of the Austronesian power.

The desire of the living-nation in Indonesia as NKRI (Republic of Indonesia) is not because for the same boat and arms, but more because of common ancestors. So it’s not a wise behavior to differentiating between the Sundanese, Batak, Javanese, Bugis, etc, and if the tribe claiming that one is better than the other tribes. Also isn’t a wise move if you think of other races who lived in Indonesia as a non-native. Because the origin of the nations are all come from the same ancestor. If the red thread is pulled, the ancestors would come from the same source, Adam.

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